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Restaurant reporting for operations

Proactive VS. Reactive

Every day, restaurants operators are caught in a cycle of reacting to the latest dilemmas. Some never seem to get above the fray to make proactive business decisions. To do that, you would need the right information at the right time.

Mirus helps by organizing sets of data from all your restaurants and storing the details in one location. This way, you can review "straight-to-the-point" restaurant reports based on factual data. Getting you out of instinctive decision making and into a world of fact-based actions.

Which Employees Should Work?

Employees don't mind going into overtime or deceiving their clock-ins and outs. You do because you know your bottom line is being affected. Mirus give you the ability to set thresholds so when these thresholds are triggered, you and anyone else who needs to know will get an email alert.

When Will Customer Traffic Ramp Up?

Knowing the details of your customer traffic could help plan employee hours and back of house tasks. But what if you could take that knowledge to the next level? Mirus can integrate POS, weather data, and local events to get a better picture of what to expect.

Who's Stealing and How?

Ever suspect theft or fraud but couldn't get your thumb on the issue? Mirus can automate the way you monitor employee mischief by combining data from your speed of service, back office, and sales. Getting a multiple dimension perspective allows you to clearly see if anyone is abusing the new coupons you are running to steal cash. Or manipulating the POS system to swipe a few dollars.

The Questions Are Endless:

  • Who are the top sellers?
  • Which location is providing the best and worst customer service?
  • Which unit has the highest or lowest store traffic?
  • What menu-items sell the most in catering orders?
  • Which employees are getting the most guest complaints?