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Automate and Simplify Reporting

You're a whiz with numbers but you don't need to be a SQL expert or stuck in Excel-hell to have accurate financial reports. Restaurants have many data sources like payroll, POS, and inventory. Mirus integrates and automates these numbers so you can create accurate technical reports, financial statements, and year-end audits.

How can I calculate food costs?

A food cost system requires a lot of configuration for ingredients, recipes, prices and pack sizes; a lot of technical stuff. One of the challenges is to get the Operations and Finance executives to believe the numbers being calculated by the system. Comments like "The variances seem to be off ", or "The problem must be with the recipes" are not uncommon. Everyone who enters data into the system is expected to be precise, every time. Many managers will get it right away, but it only takes a few bad apples to make the company summary of food cost useless. Since 1999, Mirus has worked with hundreds of restaurants in all types of concepts. In that time, we have learned a few things. We are confident that we can help your organization control complex food cost calculations.

Which locations have above-average employee theft?

Theft happens. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, 2016 was the first year ever that 100% of retailers said they were victims of organized retail theft. Mirus can implement a closed-loop approach that allows for continual measurement of each fraud related event for each person and/or location. Given this insight you can adjust exception based thresholds up or down as needed and ensure your loss prevention efforts are delivering the results you expect.

How can I minimize overtime?

Labor cost is on the minds of many financial executive's these days and for good reason. The news of minimum wage increases has CFOs scrambling to keep labor costs down. Technology can play a big role in helping track labor to make sure it is being spent wisely, and to prevent overtime. Due to this, it's important to integrate your POS, Labor Scheduler, and BOH data. Mirus can help by not only integrating different data sources but by making sure the numbers are accurate too. Automated overtime tracking founded on accurate numbers will reduce the company's overtime spending.

The Questions Are Endless:

  • How can I streamline labor scheduling?
  • What locations are under performing?
  • How do I improve budgets and forecasts?