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Restaurant reporting for marketing

Monitor Campaigns

Restaurants are competitive. In an age where every advantage is taken, many businesses are looking to their own data to plan, implement, and measure marketing campaigns. Mirus helps marketers build custom reports using multiple data sources, from multiple locations. This provides the teams with insight on how campaigns are doing. It's like Google Analytics for restaurants.

What paired menu items sell the most?

If you understood the complexities of your menu sales, you could tweak variables to improve revenue or reduce cost but not every location accepts the changes the same way. Mirus reports can help find inefficient menu pairs so management can make changes that don't rely on gut feelings or POS data alone.

Did a storm last night improve customer traffic?

There are some outside events that are not controllable yet effect your restaurants. Weather is one of those events. Mirus can help better understand what happens at a particular location when bad weather arrives. You may think a storm would hinder sells but you could be surprised to find that it improved traffic because many guests preferred to wait it out in your restaurant. Details like that can help forecast future events.

Is poor guest satisfaction a cause of employees or cooking times?

Let's say you have a restaurant that consistently receives poor feedback scores. Guests may attribute their experience directly to the employees they interact with but that might not be the source. Mirus can use integrated kitchen timers and POS details to prove slow cooking times are the true culprit.

The Questions Are Endless:

  • Which menu items cannibalize other menu items?
  • What local events last year provided the most profitable sales?
  • How did the latest LTO perform across all locations?
  • Which employee is the best at upselling?
  • Are coupons encouraging long-term customers?