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Restaurant reporting for IT

One Version of the Truth

Each department has different reporting needs. Operations may want customer traffic numbers with kitchen timer information and Marketing may need loyalty stats with mystery shopper details. Because of their diversity, departments tends to collect and define their own data in locked away spreadsheets or databases. This leads to numbers and definitions not matching or "several versions of the truth". For instance, Operations and Marketing may be using two different definitions of Net Sales, or what Comparable Sales were last month.

Mirus collects and organizes multiple sets of data into a single, comprehensive warehouse. During our setup, we make sure the raw details are accurate and defined properly across all systems like the POS, labor scheduler, P&L, etc. This ensures that each department is drawing accurate data from the same well.

Efficiency through Shared Knowledge

Information is power. I think we can all agree on that but many restaurants are hurting themselves because they usually have a reporting gatekeeper, the person who is responsible for creating reports for everyone. This becomes inefficient and can create a bottleneck for that team, which is usually IT.

Mirus believes that value is created when accurate information is easily shared and readily available, it's one reason Mirus has no user limits. In the past, many believed that data should be restricted to those who “need to know” but in today’s world, companies who share data, tend to prosper. When each department can access and easily build their own custom reports without having to know SQL or spreadsheet formulas, the I.T. department becomes free and improves their productivity.

Freedom to Choose

If you're managing multiple units, you may be using multiple business solutions. Some vendors hold your data hostage in an effort to force you to use their product line only. You may like your loyalty solution, but if it can’t integrate with your labor scheduling software you'll have a hard time creating reports with those details.

Mirus helps preserve your freedom to use the systems you want to use and have them seamlessly integrate with each other for reporting purposes. No one should tell you what solutions you should use for your POS, Labor, Back of House, etc. In fact, it's not uncommon for our clients to have multiple POS systems across their locations.