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Don't Take Our Word For It...

“A benefit we get out of attending the conference is discussing how other major players are using the system”
- Jason Busch, POS Manager, Dewey’s Pizza

“I was able to meet with another franchisee owner who had a similar background and we were able to discuss some issues and some upcoming things that I wanted to do through payroll. You don’t get to do that through the conference itself because you’re listening to
speakers but at the receptions there was time to interact.”
- Christine Corley, Controller, WOM

“I learned a little bit from everything and I have lots more ideas now to go back and keep playing.”
- Lauren Neale, Director of Finance, T. Mac

I’m a new user and I thought this was very informational. I learned a lot just by being on the perimeter of some of the conversations. I would recommend new clients come to do just what I did, learn by osmosis and see the potential for the product”
- Scott Grogan, OTG

“There were a lot of features I wasn’t aware of until we got here and saw the other presentations.”
- Leandra, OTG

There are always new strategies that others use that I want to use. It's also a great place to network.
- Steve Brooks, Director of Administration Services, Tumbleweed

“I thought it was very informative, I particularly liked the practice sessions or process sessions and hearing what other people were doing with their restaurant data. 
- Steve Marshall, Financial Planning and Reporting Manager, MVP

“Loved my first Mirus Conference. One of the things I liked is the fact people are willing to
share information. The fact that somebody will present a report and it won’t be like hey
this is my report go build your own or email me with questions. People are willing to say hey this is my report I’ll send you the template and then we’ll get you up and running. I’ll say it helps speed up the learning curve and it makes you that much more comfortable with the product.”

- Ray Fraser, Business Systems Analyst, Mohegan Holding Co.

The competitiveness gets put aside and we all talk about new ways that we're using Mirus. I always come back with three or four ideas that can potentially help us with our business.
- Brian Anthony, Star Chasers

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