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Don't Take Our Word For It...

"It’s great, you get to meet people from all over the country who do the same thing you do with maybe a just little different twist to their title. Swap experiences, swap ideas, swap reporting. You can walk away with some really, really good additions to your company." - Dominic Lloyd, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis, Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group

 "It’s very informative, it’s exciting, I like it. It’s a good investment of time." - Adrian Dragomir, VP of Business Intelligence, Krystal & SPB Hospitality

"I like the chance to meet with other people in other restaurants that are doing the same thing we’re doing. To get new ideas and really to build camaraderie. The folks I met at my first MCON, four years ago, I’ve kept in contact with over the last four years." -Robert Nowlin, POS Systems Administrator, Bobby Cox Companies

"You come away with learning something. Even if you're an advanced user who's done it all and built all the reports, you'll take away something. Even if it's just someone else's experience."  -Christine DeCiccio, Sr. Manager of Accounting & Reporting, Portillo's

"The biggest takeaway is talking to our peers and seeing what they are doing and getting nuggets of information." - Daniel Legh-Page, VP Technology, Sprinkles

“A benefit we get out of attending the conference is discussing how other major players are using the system”- Jason Busch, POS Manager, Dewey’s Pizza

“I was able to meet with another franchisee owner who had a similar background and we were able to discuss some issues and some upcoming things that I wanted to do through payroll. You don’t get to do that through the conference itself because you’re listening to speakers but at the receptions there was time to interact.”- Christine Corley, Controller, WOM

“I learned a little bit from everything and I have lots more ideas now to go back and keep playing.” - Lauren Neale, Director of Finance, T. Mac


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