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Some reporting solutions only use the information they create. For example, many POS systems provide canned reports but it's hard to leverage the information when it only considers the POS details.

There is an incredible amount of insight when you consider details from multiple systems; it is the basis behind our solution. By integrating all data systems, in all locations, restaurants can monitor and manage business performance more effectively.

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Restaurant Data Warehouse Integration Sources

No More "Excel Hell"

Departments are forced to hunt down information, hoping they have the correct usernames and passwords. Once found, the data is copied and paste into spreadsheets. Confusion is created if data descriptions and definitions are mismatching across departments or numbers are incorrectly entered. Mirus collects and organizes all metrics in an efficient automated process.

Centralized & Dynamic

Decision-makers tend to save reports locally on a computer. With Mirus, reports can be saved in a central location and shared securely. Mirus also automatically updates existing reports as new transactional data is created, which makes reports dynamic.

Backup & Future Use

When restaurant systems malfunction, you may not have a backup. Mirus provides a secure backup and never holds data as a ransom for more money. Some vendors request a fee to access saved information but with Mirus, your data is your data.

Cost, Time, and Effort

A data warehouse requires digital infrastructure, data organization, and software maintenance. Some restaurants decide to build their own but it’s important to realize the amount of effort required is complex, never ending, and unproven.

In an analogy, building your own database is like building your own email system. You could invest in private servers and employees to code the software but that does not mean it will work properly and there will be overhead costs associated with never ending maintenance. It may be wiser to use Gmail or Outlook.

Mirus offers a data warehouse and reporting system that was designed for multi-unit restaurants, is constantly being upgraded and maintained by developers and account managers who have industry experience, and has been proven since 1999.

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Brains > Beauty

Since reports are shared frequently, they should be easy to comprehend. However, it's important to note that reporting visuals should only be assessed after data is collected and organized. There is no incentive for nice graphs and neat colors if the information is incorrect.

What's an Enterprise Data Warehouse?