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Data Maintenance

What Poor Data Maintenance Looks Like

  • No ongoing maintenance process exist
  • Lack of automation leads to poor collection and cleansing
  • No plan for future employee, inventory, or software system changes
  • Current solution has data storage cap
  • Current solution is stagnant with improvements at a cost

How Mirus Helps

Data Maintenance refers to the on-going maintenance of data collection and cleansing processes. Things change. Employees come and go, menus transform, and data source systems swap out. If you spent the time and effort to build a custom data warehouse then you should not forget to maintain your data investment.

Mirus helps by creating automated tasks that keep your data warehouse organized. This way the future decision-makers of your restaurant business do not have to worry about storage limitations, back-end technology updates, or issues with data polling. We've got your back!

“’I'm a database person, I can load all this stuff into a database and pull data out of it all day long and it would always be me, never have anyone else. Building a custom data warehouse in-house would mean I’d be supporting it in-house forever and ever. I rather spend my time elsewhere and have Mirus handle the ongoing maintenance.”
- Integrations Manager, Alamo Drafthouse