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Mirus Report Writer

When you’re looking to make data-driven decisions to ensure your restaurants are profitable, the Mirus report writer is essential. Created for the restaurant industry, the report writer allows users to access and analyze all types of data in one reporting solution- no coding skills needed.

Backed by your Mirus data warehouse, the powerful reporting engine provides the most accurate industry business reports. You can have confidence in numbers that come straight from the source and are carefully knitted together to provide valuable business insights.

The Mirus Report Writer gives you the tools to quickly & easily access your data, your way. Building dashboards, reports, alerts, and graphs are easy with a drag n' drop user interface. Powerful filters and beautiful visuals are why the Mirus report writer is the gold standard for restaurant reporting software.

To learn more about the report writer features, watch the three videos above.

There's no one way to look at restaurant data. Which is why we give our clients the ability to create and customize an unlimited number of reports. 

We'd like to invite you to schedule a live demo to discuss the possibilities the Mirus report writer can bring to your multi-unit restaurant company.  

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See Only What Matters
See what's important and needs attention with exception based reports, powerful filters, visuals, and alert notifications.

Stop wasting time and automate the delivery of reports, alerts, PDFs, and more.

Stop Reporting Bottlenecks
Eliminate report request bottlenecks by distributing report writing capabilities to individual departments.

Share Information Securely
Eliminate sharing emails or thumb drives that contain valuable company details. Instead, share reports securely from one central solution.

Easy to Use
Built for the restaurant industry. No specialized skills (Excel, SQL, Access) is needed which limit who can create reports.

No Limitations
Stop using one report for the entire business. Create as many custom reports needed for finance, operations, marketing, supply chain, HR, etc.

Constantly Updating
Let our team of developers constantly update the solution at no additional cost so your team can focus on improving the business.

Mobile Access
Access data and reports anywhere.

Forgetting The Foundation?

Most of the time, companies who are seeking out a reporting solution tend to focus a lot on the report writer and little on the data collection, cleansing, and maintenance. If you're seeking out a reporting solution, make sure to ask several questions about data management before investing time and money into a system that may look pretty but provides unreliable data.

Grab our Vendor Checklist to help you know what questions to ask.

Truly Leverage Your Data

Sometimes organizations need standard business reports but Mirus is capable of much more. We cater to restaurant decision-makers who have complex, deep, and thoughtful business questions. Can your current reporting solution truly leverage all your different types of data?