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Data Analysis

What Poor Data Analysis Looks Like

  • No automation, employees have to constantly re-edit existing reports
  • Specialized skills (Excel, SQL, Access) are needed which limits who can create reports
  • The company report writer is busy and creates a reporting bottleneck
  • Can't share reports securely
  • Can't set custom alerts via email to specific employees
  • Limited to the number of users and reports created
  • Stagnant reporting engine with improvements that cost extra
  • Locked into a long term contract
  • Lacks powerful, custom, check level filtering
  • Lacks beautiful reporting visualizations
  • No mobile access

How Mirus Helps

Data Analysis refers to the ability to leverage trusted data into actionable insights via reports, dashboards, alerts, and graphs. The easier it is to get answers to complicated questions, the easier it is to make business improvements.

Mirus provides a custom report writing solution that works in conjunction with a custom data warehouse. Building reports are easy to do because Mirus uses a drag n' drop user interface. No formulas or coding skills are needed, anyone can securely build reports or receive custom alert notifications. The report writer software is constantly improving at no additional cost and clients are not locked into any long-term contracts.

Something To Consider

Most of the time, companies who are seeking out a reporting solution, tend to focus a lot on the report writer and little on the data collection, cleansing, and maintenance foundation. If you are seeking out a data management and reporting solution, make sure to ask several questions before investing time and money into a system that may look pretty but provides unreliable data.

“With Mirus, alerts are sent directly to managers and now they have all the information they want to see and more importantly things that we want to show them - nothing else.”
- Operations Systems Specialist, ThinkFoodGroup