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05/15/2019 For Restaurants, Time Is Money with QSR Magazine
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02/15/2016 Embrace Your Big Data Part 2 with QSR Magazine
02/03/2016 Mirus Integrates with CBS Northstar POS
02/01/2016 Embrace Your Big Data, Part II with QSR Magazine
12/10/2014 Dunn Brothers Coffee Selects Mirus to Simplify Comp Rule Complexities and Improve Accuracy.
05/06/2014 Carl's Jr. Franchisee Signs With Beanstalk and Integrates with Mirus For All Locations (PR News)
04/09/2014 Burger King Operator Selects Mirus for Scorecard and Report Writing
02/19/2014 Taco Mac Sports Grill Selects Mirus for Restaurant Reporting and Analysis
10/15/2013 Red Robin Selects Mirus for Data Warehousing
08/23/2013 Homestyle Dining Explains Why They Chose Mirus to Integrate Data for Its Steakhouses
01/31/2013 Mirus Enterprise Allows Kona Grill to Develop Defined and Formatted POS-Based Reports
05/05/2009 Tumbleweed Uses Mirus For Business Intelligence

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01/30/2019 Mirus General Overview (PDF)


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