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Reporting, Analysis and Dashboards for the Restaurant Industry

Comparative Item Analysis

Friday, May 2, 2014 at 10 AM CDT

Have you ever wanted to dial into just 2 items to see how they are related or different? Have you been torn between 2 items for a promotion and need more information to make a better business decision? This training will cover 2 step filters, comparisons, and measure builder. We will look at creating a report to look at the comparative growth for 2 specific Items and create a report to find the average check when either item is sold. All user levels are invited.

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MIRUS US Restaurant Index Available Now!

The US Restaurant Index is a daily same store percentage change against the same day last year across thousands of restaurants of all types; from counter service through table service. The Index is available every day for the previous day.

MIRUS clients can examine the Index by day or summarize by week, month and year to compare to their own sales performance. This gives operators a valuable independent yardstick to reveal whether their sales trends are ahead of or below the trend of the Index.

Click here to see a recent snapshot of the Index.

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Feature of the Month


Are you looking for a specific report and can not remember the full name? Do you know the specific report number but do not want to sift through all of your reports to find it? The search feature can help you find that report. You can search by report number or by name. The search button is located at the top right of the toolbar of your Report List screen. It is that easy!

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